Henk van der Leeden Photography

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Staphorst (1984-1991)

The charm of a colorful community where traditional costumes are now slowly disappearing.

Paperback, 80 pages, 16,5 x 23 cm,  published in 2023

62 photographs in color and black and white.

Publishing W-Books

Euro 17,95



Marken (1969-1994)

Marken is a beautiful, cheerful and moving selection of many photographs that Henk van der Leeden made on the island Marken since the seventies of the last century. The photographs tell a story of one of the most picturesque villages in The Netherlands.

120 pages 22x22 cm,  hard cover,  published in 2010 

Text in english, french, german and dutch .

Publishing house d'jonge Hond.  

Euro 19,50 (sold out)                                  




Polaroids SX70|Marken

Portraits of Marken women (photographed in 1981)

36 pages 21x21 cm

Text in english, french, german and dutch.

Publishing house Printed Images

Euro 7,95 (sold out)


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